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My story in few main incidents
for a some perspective

I have spent the last few years learning about myself, knowing thyself, cultivating mindfulness and expanding my own awareness and the very consciousness that is within all sentient beings (All living organisms including humans) on the planet.

I went through a lot in my life, loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress and fear, facing my own shadow aspects and going through a painful heartbreak, abandonment and attachment issues that made me a people pleaser and trying to become something that I was not.

I always lived alone in childhood as I was in boarding schools away from my parents most of the time and in 2013 I moved to the United Kingdom for higher education and make something of myself.

In February 2017, I went through isolation, intense Loneliness and depression as my life fell apart as something new were about to emerge. In the beginning, I didn’t understand anything as to why it happened, however, my INTUITION was very strong, something within me kept me going, trying to look for truth and seek answers that my conscious mind was trying to look for

I felt depressed as sometimes I had no one to talk to expect myself, as I learned to talk to myself and connect with my inner child (child version of ourselves that is within all of us) and ask some very important questions about my reality.

After Painful heartbreak in 2018, I became really serious and started questioning everything, then I came across a RED pill philosophy and dived deep into it. I learned about relationships, inter-gender dynamics, what is my role as a man, I spent hours reading books and listening to audiobooks over and over again until I could make solid realisations about my life, and every time I listened to the book, new Epiphany and an
A-HA moment would come up and would make sense of my mindset and my sub-conscious beliefs and my limiting mindset and how to expand it.

I worked on strengthening my mental muscle and becoming top-shelf Man and I also went MGTOW (Man going their own way) and started practising MONK mode.

I slowly learned to overcame everything that was dragging me down and that which was just baggage for my ascension and expansion and still to this day things do come up in my psyche as I am a human being too, but it is about cultivating this awareness and expanding our consciousness and understanding of how this reality work and how we can bend it by changing our mindset and working on ourselves daily and being easy on ourselves by not being so hard on ourselves.

I meditated in my dorm room, every day and tried to make sense of why things are manifesting in my life in a particular fashion and perpetual pattern like a vicious cycle, I spent hours in learning, reading books which I really love, learning from masters and mentors in self-development and becoming your greatest version, I watched countless hours of content online every single day. I do not have a Television in my room for nearly 7 – 8 years. (It certainly doesn’t make me any better than anyone),
But I followed my passion to learn how our brain works, I learned psychology and studied my own behaviour every single day, I studied universal laws and the role of a human being in this play of reality on planet Earth

It takes a lot of patience and learning to be calm in any situation, I learned many healing modalities and developed atomic habits and their compound effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

I studied every single day on Health and Wellness,, Finances, wealth and success, Mindset, Relationships, Inner child healing, the law of attraction/manifestation, Career and business, finding meaning and purpose in life, Energy healing and so much more on how to live a better life.
I was fortunate to be able to have time to dedicate to learning and becoming a better version of myself. As I mentioned, in the beginning, I didn’t understand why I was going through what I went through, but now all the dots are connecting and making sense, so I can one day bring these messages forward.

I truly believe that GOD, ALLAH, JESUS, BUDDHA, UNIVERSE, HIGHER POWER, HIGHER SELF, whatever name or label you want to use and whatever works and resonates with you, they were preparing me and making me strong through this journey of SELF-REALISATION and seeking the TRUTH of the human existence and understanding the true nature of our souls, by knowing and educating ourselves and becoming aware of who we really are and what power and potential we hold within ourselves to become the conscious creator of our life by using our vision and intention to manifest our very reality into existence by first changing ourselves and working on ourselves daily like following a RITUAL passionately.

So I am here to help you with my knowledge and information and share various philosophies and practical wisdom that you can use in your daily life to make it a little better every single day.

Please Note: I do not claim to know everything or tell you that I am enlightened,  but I am here to express my authenticity by giving my own examples and share my own experiences to empower you and make you aware of your power that waiting to be unleashed, that fire in your gut pit waiting to be ignited, the BEAST is waiting to be unleashed and the dragon that is waiting to fly, the GIANT just waiting for you to become aware of him.

I will only Coach you if you are dedicated to learning and have an open mind to perceive truths that may be uncomfortable.

Remember the following

“The Truth will set you free, but it doesn’t make the truth hurt any less, nor does it make it any prettier,  and it doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility the Truth requires of you” 

If you have any questions in regards to booking and how we will conduct the session, please email  @ 

Please type in the subject of the Email: COACHING SESSION, so I can easily notice your email and not miss it.

I will be really happy to help you on your path, journey of life.

I am sending you so much love and light. many many blessings to all of you reading this

As always, Much love 💛 and light ✨your way, stay blessed 🙏🏼and in peace ☮️

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